"superb solo cellist" — theStrad Magazine

"Steuart Pincombe is a gorgeous player - perfect intonation, imaginative phrasing" — Peter Dobrin, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"his performance Tuesday lacked for nothing in terms of color or emotion... Pincombe's playing also couldn't have been more nuanced or agile. More than an excuse to drink, however, more even than a brush with history, "Bach and Beer" was an intimate encounter with music at the highest level." — Zachary Lewis, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“As he criss-crosses the country, he is shrinking the distance between classical music and everyday life, between the high ideals of the form and the human need for connection.” — Aarik Danielsen, The Columbia Daily Tribune

"The spotlight performance of cellists Rene Schiffer and Steuart Pincombe in the Vivaldi Concerto in G minor for Two Cellos, for example, was a stunning evocation of all the reasons why Vivaldi was a virtual pop star in his own time."  — The International Review of Music on Schiffer and Pincombe's performance with Apollo's Fire at UCLA Live in Royce Hall.

[translated from German:] "Steuart Pincombe almost stole the show from the singer in 'Ach bleib bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ'. The cellist tackled the particularly neck-breaking runs elegantly, with absolute certainty and, above all, clearly accentuated with heavenly facial expressions. As in the 'Prelude' from Suite Nr. 4 in E-flat (BWV 1010) he truly merged to be one with his instrument." — Wirtschaft Kritik, Klang und Raum on Pincombe's performances at the Klang und Raum Festival in Irsee, Germany.

"[Steuart Pincombe] brought a rich lyrical handling of line, as well as an obvious talent for exact and effective ensemble playing. — Cleveland Classical Review on Pincombe's performance of Mendelssohn D minor trio with Stephen Clapp and Karen Burgman

"Chai and Pincombe made a seamless duo, communicating well with each other, handling balance deftly and with sensitivity, and playing with clarity and precision." — The Boston Musical Intelligencer on Pincombe and Chai's performances of the complete Beethoven works for cello and piano.

"Das Cello-Konzert von J.C. Wagenseil war hingegen harmloser. Aber er beherrschte sein Handwerk. Steuart Pincombe spielte wie mit leicht federndem Gambenton, wusste die Seufzer im innigen Teil mit Geschmack zu setzen, wurde dem Verzierungsreichtum elegant Herr." — Augsburg Feuilleton Regional Zeitung on Pincombe's performance of the Wagenseil Cello Concerto in C with the Wallfisch Band

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